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9jamyschool income Program: What You Need To Know

It has being almost two months now since Africa has being experiencing what I would called a GO SLOW Mode. Oh yes, everything in the country is going on slowly. Just imagine reading in the news this morning that a reputable bank in Nigeria is sacking over 2000 of their staff. All these drive towards the question, how can I earn from my home? Guess what? I got an answer for you. Despite the fact that it might not be able to fetch you the kind of money that would sustain you, but at least it should be able to give you a free meal every two days when you put in minimal effort.
They are called online income programs, if you check round my blog you would see a bulk of them but today I would be talking about one particular one called 9jamyschool income program.

What is 9jamyschool income Program?
9jamyschool income program is one that allows verified members to earn real money for their activities in the site. Oh yes, by performing mini taskes like reading news, sharing articles on your Facebook timeline, commenting on article amidst other, you can get reward in cash.
The program was founded by an ICT firm called Spek Technology Ventures registered under the Cooperate Affair Commison which is often called CAC.
The founding firm has a registration number of RC1526865, just in case you want to go check it out on the internet.

How can I earn on 9jamyschool?

There are various micro tasks you can perform daily that would eventually be rewarded. Example of such are 

  • Whenever you share a sponsored post or link on your Facebook timeline daily, you automatically earn #50. This is restricted to once a day, meaning if you are consistent, you ought to earn #1500 a month.
  • For every comment you made on the site you are rewarded with #10. However, do not go around spamming the comment section with irrelevant comments as it could lead to your account being penalized.
  • Whenever you login to your 9jamyschool account daily, you automatically earn #50. What this means is if you login every single day for a whole month, you automatically earn #1500.
  • Whenever you refer someone to the platform and the person successfully registered through your referral link, you automatically earn the sum of #400.
  • For any promotional video you create about the platform such as whiteboard animation videos or animation videos, you earn #1000.
  • For every well structured post you submit to the admins of the platform that eventually gets approved, you earn #1000.

How can I register on 9jamyschool income program?
To register in this income program all you need to do is 
  • Visit their official website @ www.9jamyschool.com.ng
  • Click on the join now button to register.
  • Buy a coupon code from a vendor whose number is placed on the website.
  • The coupon code cost #700
  • Fill the registration form correctly and place your coupon code and click on the register button.

9jamyschool income program withdrawal policy

For all referral earner you are entitled to request a withdrawal any time you cross their minimum withdrawal threshold of #800. Withdrawal is done every single day except from Sundays and you are being paid under 48 hours.

For non referral earners, you need a minimum of #5000 before you can apply for withdrawal but please note that the withdrawal form is being made available to non referral earners only on the 14th and 31st of every month. And you are paid under 1 week.

Is 9jamyschool income program a scam?

Although the platform is not as popular as the industry leaders, I cannot ready say if it is still paying. When it started off, it was paying as no one would want to claim a fool but currently I have not being able to see recent proves of payment both online and offline.

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