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keeshpack Income Platform Review: Legit or Scam?

Do you know what a Ponzi scheme is? Do u know their modus operandi? Well the platform I am going to be writing about today is very much different from the likes of ATPAYS and nnu forum. While nnu forum is an income program, keeshpack is a Ponzi scheme just like MMM. A Ponzi scheme in very clear terms is one that robs Peter to pay Paul. The system must surely crash and a lot of people would surely be affected as well. 
The set of people that gain from such platforms are the founders of the system and those that joined it at its early stage. 
This is exactly how it works, please note that the system does not make money from any other source apart form it’s members. So assuming 5 people join a Ponzi scheme, the money of the next 5 people to join the scheme is being added to that of the first set of people while the latter 5 wait for the next ten to join.
They simply combine people’s money for a lucky set. If you can see what I am seeing you will know that such things can never last for long. That is the simple reason why MMM crashed, ultimate cycler crashed and other of their kind keeps crashing.

So let’s us just take an in-depth look at keeshpack Ponzi scheme.

What is keeshpack Ponzi scheme?
Keeshpack Ponzi scheme is just another brand of MMM that promises to let people make earth breaking interest on their investment within 5 days. In fact if you have heard of Yellonaira, this is just another brand. 
All you have to do here is pick a subscription plan and pay, then you promote them on your Facebook account daily for five days after which they pay you back your money with interest.
Below I would be stating the different subscription plans that are available at keeshpack Ponzi.

Here you pay a subscription fee of #3000 and promote for 5 days after which you earn #2000 interest.
In this membership plan, you earn #5000 interest simply by investing #7000 for 5 days.
This is the highest plan, here you are to invest #15500 and cash out the sum of #26500 within 5 days.

How to get started.
If you have choosen to take the risk and invest your money in this dicey platform, here is how to go about it.
  • Click on the sign up link
  • Fill the registration form correctly.
  • You will be asked for your bank details, please make sure it is correct as keeshpack will not be responsible for any loses due to error.
  • Enter you Facebook profile url, this is to ensure that you promote them daily, if they go through this link and find out you did not promote them in a certain day, your earnings will be slashed.
  • Complete your order using coupon code.

Final words.

Personally speaking, despite the passive nature of ponzi scheme are very enticing, one thing you should know is that it does not take an hour for it to crash, in fact in the case of Yellonaira, the admins actually ran away with people money. So if you are not ready to lose your money, I would advice you stay away from such Ponzi scheme.

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