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LPV Forum Review : How To Make Money on LPV Forum

LPV Forum Review : How To Make Money on LPV Forum
We have been reviewing so many income programs when we heard about the LPV Forum ( LoadedPenVibes Forum). So grab a cup of coffee and read along!
Have you ever thought of being more productive financially? Have you ever thought of making more money from your time? Or you are just thinking about it?
Well the LPV Forum has claimed to help you convert your time, data and your online activities into money. The way this is possible will be made known to you as you continue reading this article.
About LPV Forum
LPV Forum is an online revenue generating platform that is registered with the name Pynith Limited and registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission with a registration number of RC 1526865.
This platform has its main office located at No 34, Old karu market road, Karu Abuja. Nigeria. They created this platform with the primary aim of eradicating poverty in Nigeria by allowing people to make money through their platform.
They claim to have paid out over 4 million members till date but we don’t know how true. Meanwhile there have been a lot of testimonies from it’s members who have been paid successfully. This shows a green signal.
How To Make Money With LPV Forum
Just like most income or revenue generating programs. There are two major ways you can make money on the platform providing that you are a premium member. The only way to become a premium member is by registering with them for as low as N1,500.
The  ways to make money with LPV Forum include referrals and through online activities. Below are some of the activities that can fetch you some extra income on the platform.
1.   The referral program is the biggest way to make money on the platform because you will get a whooping sum N1,000 for each premium member that registered through your referral link successfully.
2.   The other activities to make money with LPV Forum is enumerated below;
    You will earn N100 for every sponsored post that you share to your Facebook timeline.
    You will earn N50 for login into your LPV Forum account daily.
    You will earn N4 for commenting on posts on the LPV Forum.
    You will earn N100 for every video that you upload to LPV Forum that is endorsing the platform.
    You will earn N50 for every original article that you publish on the LPV Forum.
They have been known to pay their members without referral.
LPV Forum Payment Threshold
You can withdraw your earnings when you have earned a minimum of N5,000 for your activities and also a minimum of N5,000 for your referral earnings.
You can withdraw your activity earnings on the 21st of every month and your referral earnings any time and any day.
Is LPV Forum a Legit or Scam Platform
Firstly, they claim they are able to pay their members through the money they generate from ads running on their platform.
We also found out that this platform is a registered one and also has a physical office address. Well from all indications, LPV Forum seems to be a legit platform to make money online.
Meanwhile, we don’t know how long they will continue paying because they might stop anytime due to the culture of other income programs we have had in the past.
How To Register With LPV Forum
This is for those that have made up their minds to join the LPV Forum. Anyway, before joining the LPV Forum, here are some of the things you should note below;
    You will need a minimum of N1,500 to register as a premium member.
    You will need to be at least 16 years of age.
    Get a coupon from a verified seller
    Visit the registration page here https://lpvforum.com/affiliate-register
    Fill in the required details and your bought coupon code.
    Then get started and make more money.
Conclusion: LPV Forum is a hot paying to it’s members right now, so ensure you join them before they stop paying.
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