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The Chat Mogul Review: Read This Before You Pay

The Chat Mogul Review: Read This Before You Pay
The Chat Mogul is yet a new income program in the Nigeria online space today. We have different forms of income programs popping up these days which is the reason most people find it difficult to identify the real ones among them.
Well, you shouldn’t let that worry you because we will be reviewing several income programs right on this platform. So let’s consider The Chat Mogul today.
About The Chat Mogul
The Chat Mogul is a little bit different from other income programs in the sense that it is a social media platform where others are news platforms. They came with the aim of providing employment for everyone that is interested in making more money.
This social media platform is one managed by a team of entrepreneurs who came together to form a platform where people can relate and make money as well. The managers of this platform claim that they make a lot of money from the advertisements that are running on their platform.
Meanwhile, they don’t want to enjoy their revenue alone which is the reason they have decided to share this income with you providing that you are ready to carry out some little tasks. This task would be discussed in this article right here.
Is The Chat Mogul Scam or Legit?
This is a very important question you ask yourself whenever you are about to join any of these income programs. Well, as for the case of The Chat Mogul, we cannot call it a scam platform neither can we call it a legitimate platform.
Reason is because they just came in recently and we have not recorded any positive or negative response from it’s members. It is very important you follow it’s members closely before joining the platform but you need to do this as soon as possible before it becomes too late.
How To Make Money on The Chat Mogul
Making money on The Chat Mogul requires to carry out some tasks that would be explained right here today ! So check them out below;
1.   You will get N500 as your registration welcome bonus.
2.   You will get N100 for every sponsored post that you share to your facebook timeline.
3.   You will get N100 for any post that you publish with pictures on the platform. Note considering that the post was approved.
4.   You will get N20 for each comment that you make on any post you find on The Chat Mogul.
5.   You will get N50 for logging in to your account daily.
6.   You will get N10 for every reaction that you make on each post on social media.
7.   You get N500 worth of airtime whenever you share your alert testimony on your facebook timeline.
8.   You will get N1,200 for every person that you refer to the Chat Mogul platform. This is about 70.5% for their registration fee.
At this stage, you will realize that you have a lot of options when it comes to making money on this social media. So go ahead and make yours as fast as possible.
The Chat Mogul Pay Day
This platform does pay their registered members on the 27th to 30th of every month. This applies to both the referral earners and smart earners.
How To Register With The Mogul Platform
In case you have made up your mind to join the make money online team through The Chat Mogul. Then you should follow the steps to get started with The Chat Mogul below;
1.   Have your N1,700 registration fee.
2.   Get a coupon code from a verified seller on the platform. Below are some of the contacts of these verified coupon sellers;
    Ifeanyichukwu Divine – 08159198792
    Oguntomoni Stephen Oluwatosin – 07010367870
    Oladapo Olakunle – 0906663791
    Okike Mary Zacchaeus – 08153225216
3.   Visit www.thechatmogul.com and click register
4.   Fill in your required details
5.   Agree to the terms and conditions.
6.   Make Money
We have come to the conclusion of the chat mogul review. It is left for you to look before you leap. We wish you success on your make money online journey.
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